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  • Kim:

    Hello, we adopted a young weim from your rescue arm a couple of years ago – Jack (now called Tucker). We are looking for another young weim to add to our family and be a companion for Tucker (Jack). We are looking for as young as possible, so that we can teach our adopted son about raising a young dog.

    If you have any adoptable dogs that might be suitable, please send us a note.

    Many thanks,
    Kim Woolley & Mike Merriam

  • Jessica Pernal:


    My husband and I thinking about fostering. We recently had to put our 13 year old weimaraner down and he is very much missed. We have never fostered but would love to help a weim in need.

    Can you tell me how we would go about volunteering our time?

    Thank You-
    Jessica Pernal

  • Linda St. Martin:

    Hello! I’m interrested in adopting a weimaraner!
    I have had two weimaraners before, so I am quite familiar with the breed. I live alone in a suburban town in MA in my own home. I have a nice yard in a quiet, wooded neighborhood. I just lost my beautiful BabyDog Elsa 3 mos ago due to renal failure and I must have another one! I’m retired, so I am home most of the time. I have some problems with my back so I do not travel and cannot walk too far without sitting for a minute or two.
    I am interrested mostly in a female about 4-6 yrs old but if I cannot find one, a male will be okay too. My boy Atreyu’ was what I call a jumbo…93 lbs!
    Because of my back problems, I need a very sweet dog that is good on a leash, knows some commands, is “potty-trained” and is a little more “laid-back”. This dog must be good with small children as I will be babysitting my brand new grandson one day a week. While I do not have a cat, I do visit my daughter alot and she has 3 cats. I prefer NO counter-surfing as I just put in a brand-new kitchen. I love a dog that likes to cuddle on the couch and be by my side most of the time. I like to take my dog for rides, but if it’s too hot in the summertime, she will have to stay home while I do my errands, therefore…good house-manners will be appreciated.
    I would like to be put on the waiting list unless you have a dog in mind for me right now. I’m ready for a new grey “forever friend”!
    Thank you,

    Linda St. Martin
    44 Puritan Rd.
    Pembroke, MA 02359

  • Linda St. Martin:

    I sent an e-mail earlier in March but have not had a reply yet. I would like to be put on the waiting list. Is there an application or any other paperwork I should fill out? If so, please send it to me or call me at my home.

    I’m looking for a very sweet female about 5 or 6 years old, one that loves to cuddle on the couch! I’ve had 2 weims before, so I am familiar with the breed. I just lost my sweet BabyDog Elsa this past Nov, due to renal failure and there is a terrible void here in the house since I live alone.

    I have some back problems so I need one that is more laid back. She must be very good on a leash and know atleast the basic commands. With my back problems, I do not travel or work so I am home all the time.

    My contact info is:

    Linda St. Martin
    44 Puritan Rd.
    Pembroke, MA 02359

    Tel #: 781 826-3008

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